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Veterinary medicine


The veterinarian MVDr. Pavol Kubik, an expert with 33 years experience, is at your service at the clinic during the opening hours. If you require treatment outside of opening hours, feel free to contact us by phone or by e-mail in order to consult visiting the patient. At our place we generally offer treatment for dogs, cats and other common home pets. However, Dr. Pavol Kubík also offers rich veterinary and pet feeding expertise with larger animals and livestock such as pigs, poultry, horses, rabbits and ruminants.


In general, we offer:

1. preventive health care

2. treatment for your home pets

3. vaccination

4. regular inspections

5. registration and micro-chipping

6. consultation

7. internal medicine

8. surgery

9. treatment for larger animals and livestock

10. treatment at your home